Average Salary for Construction Management Roles (2024)

Written By Michelle Steele

31 Mar, 2024

Average Salary for Construction Management Roles (2024)

Introduction: Charting a Lucrative Course

The construction industry offers diverse pathways for professional growth, with specialised roles offering competitive salaries based on expertise and impact on project success. Understanding the financial benefits associated with these roles can guide your career advancement decisions. Let’s explore the average salaries for key positions.


Builders oversee the physical construction process, managing everything from material procurement to supervising tradespeople. They ensure projects are completed to high standards and comply with regulations – View Our Building Courses here

  • Average Salary: Builders in Australia can average around AUD $105,000+ per year (according to AU.talent.com) depending on the type of build etc, with those owning their construction businesses or with extensive experience potentially earning more.
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WHS Safety Officers

With a focus on maintaining a safe work environment, WHS safety officers are crucial in minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with safety regulations – View our WHS Course Here

  • Average Salary: Safety officers in the construction sector average salary, according to AU.talent.com is around AUD $102,000+ per year, depending on their qualifications, experience, and the size of the company.
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Estimators play a key role in the financial planning of construction projects, assessing costs, and preparing budget forecast – View our Estimating Course here

  • Average Salary: The average salary for Construction Estimators, according to AU.talent.com is around AUD $115,000+ annually, with senior estimators reaching higher salary brackets based on their accuracy and expertise.
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Contract Administrator

Overseeing the contractual aspects of construction projects, contract administrators ensure terms are met and projects remain on budget and schedule – View our Contract Administration Course here

  • Average Salary: In Australia, contract administrators can expect based on AU.talent.com is around AUD $116,000+ per year, influenced by project scale and industry experience.
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Conclusion: Building Financial Success

Specialising in these roles not only elevates your professional profile but also enhances your earning potential. Each role carries its unique responsibilities and rewards, underscoring the importance of targeted upskilling and continuous professional development in achieving your career and financial goals. Whether you’re drawing up plans or drafting contracts, your expertise contributes significantly to the industry’s success and your financial prosperity.

Embarking on a journey to specialise and advance in the construction industry promises not just professional fulfillment but also substantial financial rewards, making it a worthwhile investment in your future. Interested in finding out more about what suits your skillset, contact our team for expert advice.

Written By Michelle Steele

31 Mar, 2024

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