Levelling Up: Advanced Construction Courses for Tradies

Written By Michelle Steele

3 Mar, 2024

Levelling Up: Advanced Construction Courses for Tradies

Introduction: Beyond the Basics

As a tradie in the construction industry, mastering your craft is just the beginning. Advancing your career means expanding your knowledge and skills. Let’s explore construction courses designed for ambitious tradies ready to take the next step.

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Building & Construction

Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)

Wanting to upskill to builder/management of all size builds – low to high rise: Ideal for tradies transitioning into this role – It equips you with skills to oversee projects, project management, risk assessment, budgeting and so much more. Interested in leading? Learn more about our Advanced Diploma.

Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)

Low to Medium Rise Building / Management: This diploma offers insights into building codes, construction methods, and legal requirements, preparing you for broader construction project roles. Ready to increase your construction skills/knowledge? Explore this Diploma.

Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Site Management)

Low Rise Site Building / Management: Focuses on managing all low rise construction effectively, including safety management and subcontractor supervision. Perfect for tradies aiming for builder / site supervisor roles. Discover how to get started.

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Work Health & Safety

Diploma of Work Health and Safety

Safety Leadership: Deepens your understanding of WH&S principles, risk management, and compliance with legislation, equipping you for roles focused on ensuring a safe working environment. Passionate about leading safety initiatives? Explore the Diploma of WHS.

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

Safety Advisor: Offers in-depth WH&S knowledge of health and safety legislation and risk management. Ideal for both tradies or those passionate about workplace safety. Does this sound like you? See how this certification can help.

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Project Support

Certificate IV in Construction Estimation

Becoming a Construction Estimator: Tailored for tradies aiming to specialise in the financial aspect of construction projects or non tradies passionate about numbers, accuracy, documentation. This course covers cost estimation, budget management, and financial analysis – crucial for roles like cost estimator or financial planner in construction. Do you think you have the skills? Learn about our Estimation Certificate IV.

Certificate IV in Contract Administration

Contract Control: Designed for those looking to navigate the intricacies of construction contracts, this certification covers contract preparation, negotiation, and management of contractors and all documentation . Are you detail orientated? See how this certification can set you apart.


Building Your Future

Investing in training opens new opportunities and leadership roles in the construction industry. If you’re ready to level up your career, exploring these courses is your first step towards achieving your potential.

For those eager to expand their skills or take on new challenges, these courses represent pathways to not only advance professionally but also contribute significantly to the industry’s future. Ready to take the next step in your career journey? Contact us to find out more about our construction courses.

Written By Michelle Steele

3 Mar, 2024

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